Monday, February 7, 2011

Doing the wave

The baby is waving, I mean. He also points and is taking steps! It's really amazing how quickly this first year has gone. And that my tiny new baby is nearly a toddler. And what a sweet, funny little boy he is!

Little Bird is at that in-between point with phonics, now. She knows the letters and sounds really well, but hasn't made the developmental leap to blending seamlessly. While we wait we're just reading to her and having fun.

Sweet Pea has been doing really well. The last few weeks of school have been quite pleasant. Last week we did our first standardized test and I'm eagerly awaiting the results in the mail. It'll help with planning next year.

Otherwise, we are planning light weeks this week and next week since we will be attending a conference as a family. I love field trips like that, though, so it's good.

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