Monday, October 25, 2010

Homeschool room

I post pictures off and on of the changes in our homeschool room. I just took more tonight. These maps have been on this wall since shortly after we moved in. They continue to be useful and frequently used, so they stay.

Opposite the maps is my china cabinet. I have candy stashed on the bottom shelf. And my newspaper stash.

I have a few super messes that stick around- mostly the large stash of newspaper I save for floor protection, crafts, and cleaning. I could probably whittle it down, but it doesn't bother me too much. My bookcase also doesn't stay lined up well- as you can see things are jammed in chaotically. The blanket covered thing next to the book case is the dog kennel- I also need a prettier cover for that!

I really like these two cabinets- the corner where they meet provides a nice, out of sight place to store posters that aren't currently in use.

Finally- this is the room as a whole, as seen from the kitchen doorway.
And that's where all the magic happens. :)


  1. Thanks! I'll be checking back here frequently. My son is only 1, but my husband and I are planning to homeschool. I stumbled upon The Well-Trained Mind while doing some research, and I really like their approach. I'm excited to find someone else who is using it!

  2. I'm always excited to find other Well Trained Mind enthusiasts!
    Glad you liked it.



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