Monday, April 26, 2010

G is for Gross

Gross motor, that is. This summer I'd like to focus on Sweet Pea's gross motor skills. While she is wonderful at the fine motor skills of writing and drawing, she's terribly uncoordinated and needs some extra work.
Specifically, I'd like to work on skipping and riding a bike. Sweet Pea learned to do monkey bars last summer, and recently mastered putting her hands in front of herself when falling instead of catching herself with her face. So progress IS being made!
I'd also like to work on swimming with her, but that's a little more difficult to facilitate.

Anyone else with an uncoordinated child?


  1. I was that uncoordinated child-my biggest problem was that I couldn't do a cartwheel and this was awful for a girl in the public school-both in gym class and at recess. My boys are the opposite-they can do gross, but not fine motor. I think you just continue to give her time to do it and she'll either be able to do it or not! This is another reason why I'm glad we homeschool-our children will never be made fun of at school for not being able to do either gross or fine motor skills.

  2. J still has trouble riding a bike (this summer's project), but taking skating this past year has really helped with his coordination--which really is a lack of confidence more than deficient gross motor skills. He's really good at playing soccer with his dad now, too. Our therapist for A reminded us that opportunity is the best cure for slow development- gross or fine. She was right! Just keep providing opportunity and encouragement.

    J's taking his second shot at level 1 swimming lessons in Fosston this July- S is level 5. It's cheap and the only qualifications are that you are done with K. FYI. Or, get a deeper bathtub.



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