Monday, November 9, 2009

Daily report

We did another page in Math Mammoth today- working on addition up to 5 and zeros. It continues to be easy but good practice- the only time that Sweet Pea misses a question is when she's being silly and makes a mistake, not a comprehension problem. So that's good.

Grammar- Today we talked about the proper/common names for states, and where we live. Sweet Pea practiced writing Indiana, Texas, Minnesota, and her name.

We are having good luck going through Cursive first- we're up to page 31 again, and I've seen a lot of improvement in her handwriting.

Writing is going well- Sweet Pea really enjoys when it's her turn to dictate and then copy her thoughts- and I really see why doing it this way is a good idea.

I've been trying to find online how long each Math Mammoth pack is supposed to last. Not because I'm tied to the schedule- more out of curiosity. If there are 64 pages and in just over a week we have completed page 18- I don't think it will last too long. Are they meant to just be short, quick reviews? Do people use them as a full curriculum? I don't know- but I'm interested in looking to find out.

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