Monday, July 13, 2009

More reading

I may need to turn this into a reading only blog- it seems like that's all I post about right now!
Realistically I know that's because it's summer and we're waiting to start everything else, it's just getting a little redundant for everyone else I'm sure.
Sweet Pea has now finished the 1st grade Hooked on Phonics. I still have the Ordinary Parent's Guide from the library and I'm now 98% sure I want to buy it.
I'm planning on taking the next week or so to power through the rest of the McGuffey Primer and playing catch up in the Ordinary Parent's Guide. According to Peace Hill Press's website lesson 140 in the Ordinary Parent's Guide is when you should begin the First Language Lessons, so we have some more to work through before beginning grammar this fall.
It's a little hard- I want to jump in feet first all at once when we reach our fall "start date" but I think it's going to be more beneficial, long term, to delay grammar a few weeks until we are at the appropriate phonics lesson. Does that mean I should also delay starting the Writing With Ease? I don't know. I'm not clear.
If our start date is somewhere in early September like the local public schools that gives me another 7 weeks or so. There are 60 lessons or so to go, many of them review.
Looking at that if Sweet Pea grasps the material quickly we could do 10 lessons a week and be on track. We might not need to delay at all!

Question for anyone who sees this- when will your first official school day be this year?


  1. We start with our local public schools, but that's Aug 10, here!

  2. See, our schools don't start until the first week of September!

  3. Were schooling through the summer with math/reading/writing with a bit of nature studies thrown in but our official start date will be either the 7th, 8th or 14th of September. Haven't quite decided yet.

  4. Our summer work has been very phonics centric this summer, and I think that's part of my desire to pick a start date- I want to reintroduce all the fun stuff that's coming! I think we'll do an early September start date, as well.

  5. We've been doing a wee bit everyday, but starting more "full-time" in September.

    We already started FLL, and are on lesson 43 of OPG. It's going well, but we're taking FLL slow until we hit the suggested start time when we hit the right OPG lesson.



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