Tuesday, June 30, 2009

more reading babble

We've now covered all of the sounds in the First Grade phonics kit, so I'm just spending some review time and finishing the stories. Sweet Pea is getting much more fluid in her reading.
I think that we're going to spend some time finishing the McGuffey's Primer before moving on to the second grade kit. We've been letting it slide a little and this will be a great opportunity to catch up.
For handwriting we've begun Memoria Press's cursive copybook. I'd originally intended to use it this fall but then I sat down and actually LOOKED at how much I had for the fall for Language Arts- and realized it was too much. Way, way too much. I have First Language Lessons, Writing With Ease, and Spelling Workout. All of those require handwriting in varying amounts, as does history.
So since we've finished Cursive First we'll chug through this for the rest of the summer.

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