Saturday, May 16, 2009

Nature Study

Today we spent a lot of time outside, playing and weeding the garden. It's still not hot out and we can't put all our plants out- it still frosts at night. But we do have some early shoots up. I overturned some of the paving blocks to get at weeds and we found a while world. A whole ant world, that it. They had hundreds of tiny white, wiggly eggs nestled into a divit and when the block was removed ants began pouring up to move the eggs to safety.
Fortunately for them, we came in peace. Sweet Pea and Little Bird were each enthralled- they lay on their bellies in the dirt watching the ants work quickly and efficiently.
I originally thought that Charlotte Mason style outdoor time would drive me nuts, but both kids love it. Sweet Pea is really getting interested in laying in the grass, face pressed close to the ground, to watch what all the insects are doing. Little Bird is much more into running around and chasing bunnies and seeing birds.
We can't do this all year long- it's so cold here for so long. But we'll enjoy the time outside that we have.
Speaking of natural wonders, Mr. Bug is still alive and hunting. I cleaned out his tank and we need to buy him more fish. I need to get a new picture of him- he's grown! He's also getting fiestier as the weather gets warmer.

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